Published by: The Gleaner

Author: Krysta Anderson/ – Staff reporter

If challenges are meant to make life interesting, then consider me the happiest culinary camper. The heat was on this week as Food took on Summer Bites.

The mission, courtesy of Hamilton Smokehouse and Best Dressed Chicken, was to select three restaurants and see how creative each was in incorporating their meaty delights to select restaurant menus. The inner foodie in me jumped with joy at the wonderful occasion and immediately got to the ‘meat’ of the matter.

I was able to narrow down the top three in the nation’s capital, based on this rubric: something familiar, something brand new, and something blue.

Our first stop was at Cafe Blue on Constant Spring Road. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we had the menu black forest ham sandwich, which one could tell was made with love in the kitchen.

Classic ham and cheese is always a welcoming combination. But Cafe Blue invited us to take the profile up a notch with a balance of fresh vegetables and the sweet kick of pepper jelly, smack in the middle of beautifully toasted bread. Umm! Incredible!

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