Frequently Asked Questions

Why has The Best Dressed Chicken chosen to go NAE?

For us, it’s not just a phrase; it’s a promise. We are committed to continual improvement, which means we’re always pursuing innovations in safety and quality. We have consistently produced the highest quality poultry using the best global standards. Now that we know that the overuse of antibiotics in food-producing animals can lead to antibiotic resistant diseases, we’ve chosen to raise our birds with No Antibiotics Ever so that you can enjoy healthier, cleaner, fresher, and more sustainable chickens. Starting from the farm and going all the way to your table, you can trust The Best Dressed Chicken for the best poultry that’s always free of antibiotics.

What does No Antibiotics Ever mean?

Animals raised without antibiotics are never given bacteria-fighting medication, whether through their feed, water, or injection; thus, the phrase “No Antibiotics Ever” or NAE for short. Instead, we use new options to improve animal health and wellbeing like mineral oils that aid digestion.

How are No Antibiotics Ever chickens fed?

We provide our chickens with a well-balanced diet. Our feed is comprised of corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals. No Antibiotics Ever birds are also given natural supplements for added health benefits.

Why are antibiotics used in animals raised for food?

Just like people, animals sometimes get sick and treating illness is a responsible part of animal care. Bacterial infections may affect the birds’ intestinal tract, so using antibiotics is one way to keep animals healthy. Our pledge of No Antibiotics Ever means that The Best Dressed Chicken birds will not be treated with antibiotics.

Before now, did The Best Dressed Chicken have antibiotic residue?

An internationally accepted withdrawal period for antibiotics is used to treat animals on the farm, which means that antibiotic residue would typically be flushed from the animal’s system long before it reaches your table. Now with The Best Dressed Chicken, there is no residue and no withdrawal period as antibiotics are not used in the first place.

How can we be assured that you’re not using antibiotics in The Best Dressed Chicken?

All our systems and processes undergo rigorous certification each year by the NSF, a non-profit organization that creates trusted global food safety and sanitation standards.

What does science say?

There is compelling scientific evidence that the more antibiotics are used, the less effective they become as bacteria are constantly evolving, becoming resistant to treatment.

What does this mean for the average Jamaican?

This means a healthier chicken to you, our consumer.