Omar Azan has been one of Jamaica’s leading manufacturers and exporters of furniture for over 20 years. As an avid believer in service above self, he has become a strong voice for the manufacturing industry, charting a course that has resulted in the achievement of noteworthy milestones such as the removal of the 2% Customs User Fee on raw materials and capital equipment, provision of free factory space for startups and expanding entities and the awarding of contracts to local printers during his tenure as President of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association. With over 24 years successfully influencing business growth and market captaincy, he brings the fiscal acumen needed to ensure effective management of operating budgets and the ability to analyze market dynamics, customer demands and competitor activities in order to position a company’s product offerings and take advantage of niche markets and emerging opportunities.

Omar Azan is the founder and CEO of Boss Furniture Company Limited, a leading manufacturing company with local and regional customers and an employ of over 200 Jamaicans. His passion for nation-building has resulted in him not only being recognized as spearheading the largest corporate support for the ‘Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica’ Campaign, but also being awarded the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for service to Jamaica. He is the recipient of several other awards including the PSOJ 50 under Fifty Business Leader Award, the NCB Nation Builder Award and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Award for Leadership, Advocacy and Patronage.

Omar is married to Lezanne Chin-Azan and together they have three sons.

November 28, 2012
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11 year(s), 4 months
Director Status