Coming from a computer science background, Dave Fairman joined the Group in 1990 as a Systems Analyst. He demonstrated remarkable leadership capabilities even in his early years at the company and was soon promoted to Project Leader. Subsequent promotions included Information Systems Project Manager and General Manager, Levy Industries Information Systems.

In 2002 he was transferred to Aquaculture Jamaica Limited and in 2004, to Content Agricultural Products before taking up the post of Country Manager, Haiti Broilers S.A. just after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Under his leadership, Haiti Broilers (HB) now produces live and processed chicken, feed and eggs. He takes pride in the fact that the HB team has created meaningful jobs in Haiti and established over one hundred distributors of HB’s fresh, premium products which are rightly labelled ‘The Pride of Haiti’. He continues to pursue the profitable growth of Haiti Broilers S.A. and the firm establishment of our brands.

His educational qualifications include a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of the West Indies and a Masters of Science in Software Engineering (Canada). Mr. Fairman also serves as Trustee of the JBG Superannuation Fund.

Dave is married to Sophia and they have 3 children: Kelly, Kayla and Russell.