Sustaining Community

How We Give Back

Our giving priorities revolve around the communities within which our operations reside. Our hope is to ensure that our immediate neighbours, first and foremost, experience our commitment to building goodwill. We are also interested in nation building, particularly in the areas of agriculture, education, healthcare, poverty alleviation and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everday Heroes

Team JBG is full of everyday heroes who voluntarily give of themselves in service to others and we support them wholeheartedly.

Serving Our Neighbours

Our giving priorities start at the heart of our operations with our immediate neighbours and extend outwards in service to the nations. We are intentional in engaging our communities and working with schools, community groups and NGOs towards positive transformation.

Growing Business

We are in the business of impacting lives. We’re taking steps to ensure that the way we do business today, leaves room for life and growth tomorrow.

Building a Nation

Sustainable growth is important to us. We take steps to ensure that business today, leaves room for life and the growth and development of the nation at large. We want to see Jamaica thrive for generations to come.

JBG Foundation

Our Foundation is an arm of the Company that focuses exclusively on partnerships with organisations geared towards sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the nations.

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