The Hatchery

Within the Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies, the region’s largest poultry operation, a broiler hatchery is a vital link in the production chain. The operations of the Best Dressed Chicken Hatchery are designed to make the production of baby chicks both an efficient and healthy process. How do we do this? Let’s walk you through the process:

Egg Receival / Egg Room

Hatching eggs are selected and ocean freighted from our USA-based International Poultry Breeders, as well as from Jamaica Poultry Breeders . The eggs are then transported to the BDC Hatchery in refrigerated trucks.

The quality assurance team ensures that the hatching eggs are:

Eggs are trayed and placed in buggies, for setting in the incubators. It is not always practical to set eggs as soon as they arrive because of the setting schedule, which is determined by placement and processing.

Cool eggs are warmed slowly to room temperature, before being placed in the incubators.

Sanitation of the egg room is critical. At the end of each egg traying day, all traying tables and floors are therefore washed thoroughly with an approved disinfectant solution.

Setter Rooms & Setters

Hatchers and Hatcher Rooms

After being transferred from the setters, the incubating eggs spend its final three days in the Hatcher:

Chick Processing and Holding Room

Chicks are pulled from hatchers and moved to the Processing Room, where grading takes place.

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