The Feed Mill

With a capacity of over 260,000 metric tonnes of pelleted feeds produced each year, the Best Dressed Chicken Feed Mill is the largest feed mill in the Caribbean.

Located on the western side of the town of Old Harbour in the parish of St. Catherine, the Feed Mill sits in the midst of Jamaica’s largest farming belt, which spans the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon. Its location also allows access to nearby Port Esquivel – thus facilitating easy and cost effective movement of the finest grain ingredients into the Mill. Our ventilated finished product storage facilities cover more than 5 thousand square feet. The production department works very closely with the sales department, facilitating near on-time production, minimizing storage time and helping, overall, to ensure that our customers receive products that will provide maximum performance for their livestock and, ultimately, their bottom line.

The Best Dressed Chicken Feed Mill manufactures feed for the Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies, as well as for other commercial customers. The internal customers are:

Commercial customers represent a wide cross section of Jamaica’s farming community. The Feed Mill provides them with pelleted, crumbled or mashed feed through a wide network of distributors who purchase our “Hi-Pro” brand from Hi-Pro ACE Farm and Garden Supercentre. Over 50 types of animal feeds are manufactured across the following categories:

Our Feeds are blended using high quality ingredients, primarily corn and soyabean meal. They are formulated using state of the art Least-Cost software and produced in a high technology, fully automated facility – enabling maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Each type of feed is specifically formulated to accomplish optimal performance in the livestock, thereby producing quality livestock and helping to maintain profitability for the farmer.

The Best Dressed Chicken Feed Mill believes that the provision of Customer Satisfaction, through our products, is our principal concern. Our quality assurance department is integral to ensuring that our products are consistently excellent. Feed is sampled and rigorously tested in an effort to ensure that we meet specification. Our quality assurance lab is outfitted with a NIR (Near Infra Red) spectrometer, a machine that enables our technicians to comprehensively assess our samples to ensure that our customers get the finest products. This comprehensive and persistent attention to the quality of the Feed has positioned us in an enviable position in the marketplace.

The Best Dressed Chicken Feed Mill has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards over the years. Indeed, our 3 rd place finish in the Kentucky Equine Research textured feed competition – a competition involving facilities from among other countries, including the USA, England, Australia, and South Africa – is a testament to the efficacy of our formulations and the success of our quality system.

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