Supporting Farmers Around the World

Wincorp International

Wincorp is a major supplier of quality products supporting poultry and agricultural industries around the world. We serve North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean by sourcing products including: ventilated broiler and breeder houses, farm supplies, safety products, and packaging equipment. Focusing on what our customers need most, we expanded our offerings to include fertile hatching eggs. As a result, Wincorp has become one of the largest suppliers of fertile eggs in the United States.

International Poultry Breeders (IPB), Georgia

IPB Georgia produces high quality hatching eggs for the Best Dressed Chicken Hatcheries in Jamaica. Located in Norman Park, Georgia, the facility also produces eggs that will go on to be sold in countries throughout the Caribbean, including Trinidad, Barbados, Suriname and Guyana. The company operates on a four-week replacement cycle in order to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection.

International Poultry Breeders (IPB), Arkansas

IPB Arkansas (formerly England Farms Inc.), produces hatching eggs of the highest quality using innovative technology. From this centrally-located distribution centre in Rison, Arkansas, we are able to transport hatching eggs to other points around the U.S. and provide immediate air shipment around the world. Our proven track record of efficient delivery to countries around the world has earned us the U.S. Department of Commerce’s “E” Award for excellence in exporting.

Welp Hatchery, Iowa

Cornish Rock Broiler chickens are a specialty at the Welp Hatchery. We also offer our clients a wide variety of chickens and other poultry, including water fowls and game birds, which we ship from strategic points in Iowa, New Mexico, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

International Poultry Breeders Hatchery (IPBH), Pennsylvania

We are a key supplier of baby chicks to small producers within the USA. Today, we are the largest independent supplier of fertile hatching eggs in the US. A significant logistical asset, this east coast location allows us to lower transportation costs to customer segments in parts of the United States, Canada and South America.

Crystal Feeds, Georgia

The Crystal Feeds mill in Georgia, USA is ideally located on the Norfolk Southern Railroad where we are able to take full advantage of grain logistics capabilities.

The Best Dressed Chicken (BDC), South Carolina

Since 1958, Jamaica Broilers Group has produced chicken of the highest quality. We’ve become one of the leading agricultural producers through respect for our people and environment, an ethical approach to agriculture, stringent safety and processing standards, and an efficient supply chain.

With just one bite, you can immediately taste the quality difference. Families, retailers and restaurateurs agree: The Best Dressed Chicken is naturally the tastiest chicken.

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