A History of Innovation and Quality

From hatching day-old chicks to processing packaged foods, our long-standing operations in Jamaica have consistently set the standard for quality in agriculture.

The Best Dressed Chicken - Hatchery

Our hatchery operations serve contract and independent farmers by providing the highest-quality, day-old chicks. Hatching eggs are selected from both our U.S.-based International Poultry Breeders, and locally-from Jamaica Poultry Breeders in St. Ann. The eggs are carefully transported to the BDC Hatchery, where hatchability rates are on par with the top 5% of similar operations in the U.S., according to Agri Stats Inc.

The Best Dressed - Feed Mill

Our newly-hatched chicks are raised on nutritious feed provided by the Best Dressed Feed Mill. With the capacity to produce more than 260,000 metric tonnes of pelleted feed each year, and with more than 50 types of feed, the Best Dressed Feed Operation is the largest in the Caribbean. Our products use only high quality ingredients, primarily corn and soybean meal, and are produced in a high-tech, fully automated facility. Over the years our feed has received many awards, including third place in the Kentucky Equine Research textured feed competition.

The Best Dressed Chicken - Field Operations

The BDC Field Operation manages the growth of newly-hatched baby chicks received from the hatchery. The chicks are placed on farms and nurtured to grow until they achieve the desired maturity. During this average 6-week grow-out period, farmers receive support from technical representatives and veterinary staff as part of our commitment to ensure quality at every stage.

The Best Dressed Chicken - Processing Plant

The BDC Processing Plant receives birds once they reach the appropriate age and are ready to be weighed, graded, processed and packaged. At every stage quality and safety requirements are consistently met. In fact, our plant was the first poultry processing operation in the Caribbean to gain the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard certification. Efficient processing and the implementation of our new Spiral Freezer allows us to deliver our promise of quality to our customers.

The Best Dressed - Further Processing Facility

The 22,000 sq. ft. facility located in Spring Village, St. Catherine has two processing lines and uses Individually Quick Frozen Freezers that allow us to efficiently produce high-quality frozen foods.

Cogeneration Plant

Neighboring the Best Dressed Chicken Processing Facility, the Jamaica Broilers Group operates its own Cogeneration Plant. The 16 megawatt plant generates enough electricity and steam to meet a significant portion of the needs of BDC facility.

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