Impacting A Nation

By expanding operations to Haiti, we’re able to provide quality products locally, and help a nation of farmers to grow their businesses.


From our Hatchery in Lafiteau, Haiti Broilers provides high quality day-old chicks to poultry farmers. Our high-tech facility located just north of Port-au-Prince receives new eggs once a week and after a 21-day process, the eggs are hatched and ready for delivery. We’re committed to providing the best quality baby chicks as well as technical support and advice to help our customers succeed.

Feed Mill

Our Feed Mill provides nutritious poultry and pig feed to farmers across Haiti. Our premium feeds are grown and processed locally to meet international standards. As a major purchaser of local corn and sorghum for the feed, Haiti Broilers also helps to support the local farming community.

Processing Plant

Our Poultry Processing Plant produces high quality chilled and frozen chicken products under the Le Chic Poulet brand. The processing plant receives broiler birds from our farm in Thomazeau as well as from local farmers participating in our “Buy-Back Program” who buy our broiler chicks, nuture them on Hi-Pro Feeds and we in turn buy-back the mature birds for processing. Our new model ensures our customers receive the same quality chicken, meeting the highest international standards, while at the same time contributing to the growth of the Haitian economy.

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