Published in the Jamaica Observer

President and chief executive officer of the Jamaica Broilers Group Christopher Levy says the company is effectively carving a niche in the United States despite COVID-19.

The group currently operates in six US states; Florida, Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and South Carolina.

“What we have in the US is a vertically integrated operation, where the production of eggs, feeds, and poultry meat is done in different states. We have our local operations abroad.

“The Lord has been good to us regarding our operations in the United States during COVID-19, despite the impact the pandemic has had on the meat industry,” Levy said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer’s Caribbean Business Report.

Levy shared that the meat industry, which in the US is a people-intensive industry, came firmly under the health microscope. The company took note of this, he shared, and made proactive moves to offset any damage.

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