August 23, 2019

Dr Claudette Cooke to take lead at Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation

​Published in the Jamaica Observer

The Jamaica Broilers Group through their President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Levy is announcing the appointment of Dr Claudette Cooke as the executive director of the Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation.

Dr Cooke’s appointment at the company’s Foundation takes effect as at September 1, 2019.

Dr Cooke’s heads to her new position at the Foundation after 27 years of service at the Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG). She recently retired as group vice-president, human resource development and public relations as well as being a member of the company’s board of directors. Dr Cooke will continue as a board member while she serves as the head of the Foundation.

The new role has been described by Levy, as a “natural fit” for Dr Cooke, who he stated, has played a strong role in guiding the group’s philanthropic pursuits.

“Claudette has a heart for service and we are confident that she will steward this area well.

“She has been quietly but actively involved in a number of initiatives such as the Joy Town Community Development Foundation ministering to the needs of the Trench Town community; and has herself convened the Signature Woman Leadership Connection which invests in the wholesome development of up to 500 of Jamaica’s female leaders each year,” the group president and CEO shared.

The JBG Foundation has specific responsibility for assigning grants to charitable organisations, with the purpose of community transformation in keeping with the Company’s mission of serving others with God’s guidance.

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