December 17, 2017

Samuda hails Jamaica Broilers’ investment in new feed mill

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Karl Samuda (2nd right), symbolically commissions into service the new US$2 million pellet mill at the Jamaica Broilers Group’s Best Dressed Plant in Freetown, St. Catherine on December 14. Others (from left) are: General Operations Manager at the facility, John Carberry; President and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, Christopher Levy; Group Chairman, Robert Levy; and President, Jamaica Operations, Jamaica Broilers Group, Conley Salmon.

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Karl Samuda has hailed the Jamaica Broilers Group for its US$2-million investment in a new pellet mill, which will significantly boost the company’s feed production capacity.

The facility, located at the Best Dressed Feed Mill in Freetown, St Catherine, is the third operated by Jamaica Broilers to manufacture Hi-Pro-branded products.

It will move the output of feeds from more than 270,000 tonnes per year to 350,000 tonnes annually, making it one of the largest mills in the region.

The new mill will also better enable Hi-Pro to meet growing consumer demand, providing prompt response to clients’ orders while reducing waiting time.

In his remarks at the official commissioning ceremony last Thursday, Samuda said the mill reflected the company’s commitment to the development of agriculture and the livestock industry in particular.

“You have the full support and backing of the ministry,” he said.

He encouraged the company to continue its drive to boost efficiency and productivity in order to remain competitive. He noted that Jamaica Broilers has always been on the cutting edge of technology and training, insisting on manufacturing a quality product.

Samuda also applauded the company for its support to small farmers.

President and chief executive officer of Jamaica Broilers Group, Christopher Levy, said the decision to expand the production of feeds is to meet market demand, noting that poultry and egg consumption has been increasing significantly.

Over the past five years, sales of Hi-Pro chicks and broiler feeds have increased by about 20 per cent, with layer feeds growing by 10 per cent.

Hi-Pro has approximately 60 per cent market share of all feeds sold in Jamaica. The company exports more than 5,000 tonnes of its high-quality brands of feeds throughout the Caribbean.

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