December 28, 2017

St Ann Farming Couple Surprised At Winning Car

​Published in The Gleaner by Christopher Serju

It’s a headache you would want to wish on anyone, especially yourself, during the Yuletide Season. So it was that Marva Guthrie and spouse Amos Blake found themselves saddled with the dilemma recently of not knowing what to do with their 2018 Hyundai Tucson.

“No, I don’t,” they each responded with a laugh, when asked if they had a driver’s licence.

A full Bluetooth entertainment system is just one of the features of the top-of-the-line vehicle Guthrie took home as winner of the Hi-Pro Feed Christmas Promotion.

One of five Hi-Pro feed customers shortlisted for the grant prize, she had watched two other women win cash prizes and feed, before the lone male was eliminated leaving the mother of two adult children a nervous wreck.

Even after being announced as the winner of the vehicle, and receiving the key from industry and agriculture minister Karl Samuda and congratulations from Christopher and Robert Levy, group CEO and chairman, respectively, of the Jamaica Broilers Group, the mother of two adult children still wasn’t fully convinced.

“Not yet, I can’t believe, no!” she admitted.

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