August 14, 2019

Hi-Pro launches new products to reduce ‘environmental footprints’

Published in the Jamaica Observer

Oreka and MAI007 are two new products that were officially launched by Hi-Pro at the Denbigh Agriculture, Industrial and Food Show, held in Clarendon from August 4-6.

The new products were created by the company to help reduce the effects that pesticides normally have on the environment.

Senior agronomist at Hi-Pro, Orville Roache, informed the Business Observer that the products are geared towards strengthening safety measures in agriculture and were built to also help in creating a climate- smart agricultural sector.

“We are looking at the fact that safe food is not something that can be quantified on the basis that farmers don’t practice proper record-keeping. They do not know when their crops are sprayed and when they should be harvested.

“Not that it is done intentionally, but because of a lack of record-keeping we find that farmers spray today and reap on the same day when they should be reaping seven days after,” Roache said, while noting that this isn’t always the case, but it does happen at times.

He further mentioned that the team at Hi-Pro is confident that these products will restore confidence to the farming community and the general public, as they (the new products) allow for spraying and reaping on the same day without side effects.

While making reference to the new fungicide, Roache said, “This is a biological fungicide by the name of MAI007 and it controls all the major pests that would affect lettuce plants, sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, and others and the beauty about this product is that it is derived from a natural process of fermentation of a bacteria.”

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