April 30, 2019

Best New Product 2019 Nominee: the Best Dressed Chicken Hamilton’s Smokehouse Beef Franks

Published in the Jamaica Observer

Counting Down To The 21st Staging Of The Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards, Thursday, May 30, 2019

We made these products because... we wanted to offer our consumers an alternative frankfurter protein option through our Hamilton’s Smokehouse brand. The Best Dressed Chicken currently produces chicken frankfurters so this would complement our line of products. We also found that there is an opportunity for more local production of international type of products currently imported to the island.

The products became available to the public in... March 2019.

And are available... for sale to restaurant and hotel customers as the products are packaged in bulk. We will launch our retail pack in the next six months, which will become available at select supermarkets islandwide.

The response to the products has been... great! Customers really appreciate the taste of the product as it is juicy and packed full of flavour; they enjoy the size of the frankfurter, too, citing it as an ideal fit for their hotdog buns.

Our first breakthrough came when we... recognised that consumers were searching for a wider range of products to satisfy their ever-changing palate in keeping with the international food trends.

Jamaicans should support our products because... our beef franks are:

• made with no artificial colours and flavours.

• made with 100% beef, so consumers are getting a premium beef product.

• produced by The Best Dressed Chicken, which is a company that is renowned for focusing on providing quality products for all.

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