November 10, 2016

12 Chefs Of Christmas - One Grand Dinner

Three of The Best Dressed Chicken’s 12 Chefs of Christmas (from left), Ravi Anne, group executive chef, Jewel Resorts; Daniel Schweizer, executive chef, Goddard Catering Group; and Jacqui Tyson, director of JTyson Events and Catering.

Published in The Gleaner

The question of what to do for Christmas dinner will get a delicious answer for 12 lucky winners in The Best Dressed Chicken 12 Chefs of Christmas promotion.

Now in its third year, the promotion offers customers who buy The Best Dressed Chicken a chance to win Christmas dinner prepared exclusively by 12 of Jamaica’s best chefs.

Of the 12 winners, one person also gets the bonus prize of $600,000 in groceries for a year. In a departure from the first two editions of the promotion, where each of the chefs delivered gourmet Christmas dinners to the homes of the winners, this year all 12 winners and their guests will be fÍted at a grand dinner with all the trimmings of the holidays. Each winner will be assigned their own personal chef so, together, the winner and the chef can plan a feast that best celebrates their unique family.

Culinary Tastes

“The Best Dressed Chicken is always enthusiastic about the importance of family, and so we thought it would be fantastic for us to add even deeper meaning to the holidays by bringing all the winning families together in one space,” said Forrest Henry, vice-president, sales and marketing at The Best Dressed Chicken.

The grand dinner takes place on December 26 at a location to be revealed. “We’re calling this our wonderland and while we’re not going to reveal the location just yet, our winners can count on it being truly remarkable,” said Forrest-Henry.

She continued, “Essentially, we’re saying, ‘You’ve had us at your table, now here’s a chance to enjoy being at ours.”

This year’s 12 chefs are: Steve Sowa, executive chef, Half Moon Hotel; Ravi Anne, group executive chef, Jewels Resorts; Daniel Schweizer, executive chef, Goddard Catering Group; Andre Fowles, sous-chef Miss Lily’s (Jamaican restaurant in New York) and a finalist in Food Network’s Chopped series; Gariel Ferguson, ‘master of the grill’; Johnoi Reid, executive chef, The Cliff Hotel and Spa Resort; Simone Walker-Barrett, lecturer at Utech’s School of Hospitality and Tourism and conceptualiser of Street Food Saturdays; Jacqui Tyson, culinary artist, JTyson Events and Catering; Lorraine Fung, owner of Catering by Lorraine; Michele Williams, owner of Moveable Feast Caterers; Charisma Henry, owner of Pink Apron Caterers; and Haleem Card, owner of 17 Layers.

To enter the promotion, customers must purchase The Best Dressed Chicken Whole Chicken, Mixed Parts, Resealables, or Chilled Tray Packs and retain the receipt. Retrieve the entry code on the card inside the package and text the code to 564-6500. Correctly complete The Best Dressed Chicken campaign slogan:

THE BEST DR_SS_D CH_CKEN DI F_VOURI_E which appears on the card, and retain the card.

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