January 01, 2016

Jamaica Broilers Team Plays Santa

Published in The Gleaner

On December 15, 16 and 18, representatives of the Jamaica Broilers Group moved throughout various communities in St Catherine as they played Santa Claus to nearly 1,500 residents.

They handed out 300 food packages to the elderly and shut-ins in McCook’s Pen and Spring Village. They served lunches to nearly 1,000 children and adults in Spring Village, and provided proteins for the McCook’s Pen Citizens Association children’s treat, all in the spirit of Christmas.

On December 15, representatives of the Jamaica Broilers Group made their first stop in Spring Village - home of the Best Dressed Chicken processing plant - where they distributed food packages (including Best Dressed Chicken) to 200 elderly and shut-in residents. The following day it was fun, food and festivities at the Spring Village Development Foundation facilities - the operations of which are sponsored by Jamaica Broilers Group.

Children in the community were treated to rides, face-painting and Reggae Jammin hot dogs. The elderly enjoyed a Best Dressed Chicken lunch and frozen treats, which they look forward to at this time of year.

Special guest ‘Miss Lucille’, 81, the first woman to work in the Best Dressed Chicken Plant in Spring Village, regaled team members with stories of her days on the job. Then it was time for games and competitions with prizes for the winners. Children won candy treats in the question-and-answer segment and demonstrated for the JBG team popular dance moves as the ‘Shampoo’ and the ‘Aji bounce’.


On December 18, dressed in bright yellow Best Dressed Chicken shirts and Santa Claus hats, the team headed into McCook’s Pen with a van loaded with food packages for 100 elderly and shut-ins, escorted by Charmaine White, a member of the McCook’s Pen Citizens’ Association, who ensured that everyone on her list was remembered.

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