​Published in the Jamaica Observer

The Jamaica Broilers Group — Jamaica’s largest poultry producer — has come out in support of the shift in focus by the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw’s towards “moving from macro-economic stabilisation, to micro-economic mobilisation”.

“Micro businesses are the lifeline of Jamaica’s agri-industry. With 60 per cent of Jamaica’s poultry needs being met by small farmers, who typically raise 25 to 100 birds at a time, we must acknowledge the significance of their contribution to the economic landscape. Support for this level of commerce will foster further growth in the agri-industry in particular and Jamaica’s economy on a whole. Substantial movement in this direction will be a significant marker for success coming out of Expo Jamaica 2018,” said Christopher Levy, President & CEO of Jamaica Broilers Group.

The Jamaica Broilers Group is celebrating 60 years of service and support for the small farmers, Levy noted.

“The role of the large-scale producer is not to displace the small farmer. The mandate of the Jamaica Broilers Group has always been towards the building of goodwill through truth and fairness. We consider it a mark of our citizenship towards the local agri-industry and wider Jamaica, to continue to mobilise resources towards supporting the development of small-scale growers and producers on the ground who meet the immediate need of their surrounding communities,” Levy said.

Conley Salmon, President of the Group’s Jamaica Operations expressed the view that the company’s vertically integrated operational structure has continuously and strategically included sustaining small farming operations such as small-scale broiler meat production and egg sales.

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