There was an air of surprise for students and teachers at over 25 schools when the Best Dressed Chicken branded coaster bus, a Best Dressed Chicken refrigerated truck and a Hi-Pro van, rolled into their school yards. The convoy travelled over two days from the hills of Red Ground to White Marl in St. Catherine, bearing gifts for 600 teachers in recognition of Teacher’s Day and in honour of Jamaica Broilers Group’s 60th anniversary.

Excited teachers received hampers filled with products from the Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG) including The Best Dressed Chicken A grade whole bird and chicken nuggets,
Reggae Jammin’ frankfurters and beef burgers and Hamilton’s Smokehouse sandwich slices. Teachers were also treated to mugs from the company’s Hi-Pro Division with an inscription reminding them that “real heroes don’t wear capes; they teach.”

As the JBG team members handed out their gifts to teachers at the High House Basic School, principal Nadisha Moore said, “This is one of the things we look forward to. We really appreciate Jamaica Broilers and what they do for us each year.”

Everton Thomas, principal of Innswood High School took a moment to encourage his teachers and led the way in expressing gratitude for the company’s recognition, “People don’t have to say thank you, or give anything to us. So I am very grateful that Jamaica Broilers is here to treat us to this. I don’t take this lightly. I’ll go as far as to say that I
need to get in touch with the CEO for JB to tell him that we are very thankful and have all of us sign it.” Thomas’ comment was met by the resounding applause of his staff.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Linton Weir, principal of the Old Harbour High school who presented Jamaica Broilers Group PR Programmes Officer, Danah Cameron with a gift that he dubbed “a little piece of Old Harbour High”. As he expressed his thanks, he noted, “My mother taught me that if someone brings something to your house, you should have something to give them in return.”

As they visited various locations, the Group also got involved in Read Across Jamaica Day activities at select schools. Best Dressed Chicken Brand Manager, Lorraine Kemble was among team members who read to students at Old Harbour Bay Primary. “Getting involved in the classroom is one more way for us to express our support for our teachers and contribute to the magnificent work they do in molding young Jamaican minds” she said.

Dr. Claudette Cooke, Group Vice President – HRD & PR spoke to the fact that 600 teachers is the largest contingent that the company has recognized since the inception of the annual event several years ago. She went on to express that this activity has been a significant inclusion on the company calendar each year. “Jamaica Broilers is committed to building Jamaica. Education is a key pillar for the growth of this nation and we are humbled to be in a position to pay homage to our teachers.”