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Where can I find current share price information?

The current share price information is available on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) website or in the JSE Market Summary which appears in the Daily Gleaner.

What is the company’s dividend policy?

Our policy is to pay twenty percent (20%) of our audited annual profit after tax as a dividend.

When does the Group publish financial results?

Our unaudited quarterly results are published within 45 days of the end of each quarter and our annual financial statements are published within 60 days of the Group’s financial year-end. Please note that the Group’s fiscal year starts in May and ends in April of the following year.

Where can I access quarterly financial results?

Our financial results are posted here.

Where can I find information on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders?

Our shareholders receive Notice of the Company’s AGM by email or through the post. If you haven’t received yours, please update your address information using our change of address form. To access the notice of AGM posted on this website, click here.

How can I access minutes from the last Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

For a copy of the minutes of the last AGM, please visit our website 21 days before the AGM.

I did not receive a copy of the Annual Report, how may I get one?

If you didn’t receive your copy of the Annual Report, your address may need to be updated in our database. Please update your address information using our change of address form. You may also click here to view the report.

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