​Article by Ruddy Mathison

Published: Jamaica Gleaner

Double amputee Cara Moore now has plans to expand her fledgling chicken-rearing business to a 500-bird capacity enterprise that she started after losing her legs to diabetes in 2016 and 2020.

The 36-year-old graduate of the College of Agriculture, Science and Education, who is a single mother of two boys, aged 14 and 10, and a teenage daughter, was ecstatic on the weekend about her change in fortunes.

The small farm whose capacity she had managed to increase to 100 chickens, with assistance from a friend abroad, suffered a major setback when she lost 68 of them during Hurricane Ida last summer, from which she has struggled to recover.

Moore, a St Thomas resident, now has two legs to stand on having received state-of-the-art artificial limbs.

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