The Best Dressed Chicken headed to Chateau District, Clarendon recently to assist Food for the Poor in constructing a home for Patricia Howell.

The company had participated in the Food for the Poor 5K Walk/Run held in May of this year and had committed at that time to cover the cost to gift a house to a candidate on the Food for the Poor database residing in St. Catherine or Clarendon. After careful review, Howell was selected as a suitable recipient.

Upon arrival, the Best Dressed Chicken (BDC) team of volunteers were able to see first-hand Howell’s living conditions which had previously been described to them by Food for the Poor.

“We knew prior to our arrival here that Mrs. Howell and her eight children were living in a small shack constructed primarily of fabric and zinc, with a makeshift, cardboard roof. Her home did not include electrical fittings, and kitchen and bathroom facilities were rustic outdoor solutions. When we learned about this we knew she was the candidate we needed to help.” stated Lorraine Kemble, Brand Manager, BDC.

The BDC and Food for the Poor teams got to work quickly as they needed to complete the formidable task of constructing a home from the ground up and in one day no less. A delighted Marsha Burrell-Rose, Development and Marketing Manager, Food for the Poor commended the BDC team for their valiant efforts.

“You guys really worked hard. I was saying to Lorraine yesterday, we know that when you come, you and you’re team are going to be sitting down …but you guys just never stopped!” she said evoking both laughter and applause from the tired volunteers.”

“I am humbled for BDC as well as myself personally to be involved in this activity,” responded Lorraine Kemble. “It is awesome to give back and to be physically involved in doing the work. It’s a lot of hard work, but as our company celebrates 60 years together, it is important for us to embrace community development initiatives which have been a big part of our mission from the very start; impacting the lives of others and building goodwill.”

Howell’s family also got involved in the activity on site. Kemar Sutherland, Howell’s 27-year-old son, helped to unload construction materials and mix cement.

“My mother is a good lady. She deserve it. Mi feel excellent man. You see Food for the Poor, mi haffi big dem up all if me throat sore! And Best Dressed mek sure food deh pon di table. Mi soon go fi mine.”

The BDC team provided constant refreshment for those on site throughout the activity, with Reggae Jammin’ hot dogs to ‘stop the gap’ and a Best Dressed Chicken meal for lunch.

Howell, being a woman of few words smiled from ear to ear as she thanked the team for her new home.

“I feel good. I thank all of you guys, I appreciate it very much,” she said.

Avadaugn Sinclair, BDC Marketing Manager handed over the keys to the newly constructed house to Mrs. Howell who held them high for everyone to see before finally opening the door to her new home for the first time.

“Today we wanted to give another family some hope. We want to impact communities. Our mission statement starts ‘With God’s guidance’ and ends with the building of goodwill. We are excited to be able to fulfill that mandate here.” said Sinclair.

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