On International Women and Girls in Science Day, the Jamaica Broilers Group honours all women who have helped to advance our company and Jamaica’s Agriculture and Production sectors through their innovations in science.

We salute you!


General Manager | Best Dressed Chicken Live Production

Having studied natural sciences and with several years of experience at the Jamaica Broilers Group, Pamela has headed up our BDC Field Operations, BD Feed Mill, BDC Hatchery and Jamaica Poultry Breeders (now International Poultry Breeders Jamaica). Her wealth of knowledge has sparked innovations which have modernised contract farming in the Caribbean region, including utilising green energy in supporting tunnel ventilated houses. She has also contributed to the training and development of several of our current managers in the live production segment. Pamela’s understanding of the science of the business has made her a vital asset to the company and to the development of Jamaica’s agriculture sector.


Food Technologist | Best Dressed Chicken

Andriene is an internationally Certified Food Scientist (CFS). At the Best Dressed Chicken she develops convenient, easy to prepare product offerings, ensuring that they are also healthy and safe for consumption. With Andriene’s careful attention, the Best Dressed Chicken has been able to successfully launch a number of new products in the convenience market.


Hatchery Manager | Best Dressed Chicken

Lori-Ann has proven that knowledge in bio-chemistry can open up tremendous career opportunities. She has worked across several of the Jamaica Broilers Group operations and has served as team leader on a number of the company’s ISO certification projects. Today, Lori-Ann focuses on the intricate processes of embrionic development, managing very precise physical parameters in order to ensure the best hatch rates.

——- DR. JANIELLE WALLACE (back left)

Health Services & Laboratory Manager | Best Dressed Chicken Live Production

Knowledge in the fields of zoology, aquaculture and environmental studies and finally, sustainable aquaculture nutrition form a very specialised portfolio for Janielle. From sample testing to field trials, she has had a hand in several innovations within our field operations. Currently the Health Services and Animal Welfare Team Leader, she manages our laboratory’s poultry diagnostic activities and coordinates our broiler welfare programme at all relevant facilities.

——- MRS. TRICIA JACKSON (back right)

Store Operations Manager | Hi-Pro

With a background in pharmacology, Tricia believes that the knowledge she gained through her studies in science brings about a significant advantage for a business woman in the field of agriculture. She has been able to utilise principles of chemistry and biology in procuring the finest fertilisers, chemicals and medicines towards the best plant and animal care in the Caribbean’s largest farm supplies store.