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In keeping with its commitment to bring cutting edge products to the local market, the Hi-Pro Division of the Jamaica Broilers Group has introduced the Diamond R Purkote Control Release Fertilizer in various blends. Diamond R has an exclusive agreement with Pursell Agri-Tech to distribute the Purkote brand.

The Control Release Fertilizer will be available to the farming community as of January 2018 at Hi-Pro Farm Supplies.

The product, which is an innovative technology for sustainable plant nutrition, is an environmentally friendly product capable of withstanding heavy rainfall without leaching and with almost no run-off into rivers and other water sources. However, it needs heat and water to be activated.

The controlled release technology was introduced more than 40 years ago, but has undergone evolution and improvement of the polymer and coating process to be at its current advanced stage.

In making the announcement, Tricia Jackson, Store Operations Manager, Hi-Pro Ace, said each granule is wrapped in polymer plastic for protection, with a specified amount of polymer coating used to regulate the release of each granule.

“The fertilizer can be custom blended, and can extend from a 45-day release to a 360-day release. In fact, the more layers of wrapping, the longer it will take for the release to take place,” she explained.

According to Jackson it is ideal for the growing of such crops as Irish potato, tomatoes, peppers, sugar cane, citrus, turf, container plants, flowering plants and nurseries.

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