JB Group Foundation

The Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation finds it a God given privilege to be able to give assistance to organizations in Jamaica and overseas who have a desire to enhance the lives of others, spiritually and materially.


The Foundation’s grants can be categorized in the following manner:

  • 60% to programmes in communities where Jamaica Broilers Group facilities are located
  • 30% to programmes with national impact
  • 10% to international programmes/projects

The targets of such grants include ministries working with:

  • Children and Youth
  • Disadvantaged / At Risk
  • General Evangelism
  • Education and Health
  • Community Programs in which our staff is involved

FUNDING LIMITATIONS – The Foundation will only support organisations that uphold values as espoused by the Constitution and Statement of Faith of the Jamaica Association of Evangelical Churches.

Foundation will not provide Grant Money:

  • To secular organizations or for profit organizations
  • To individuals
  • To endowment funds
  • To political causes
  • For scholarship funds