Company Overview

Our Mission

With God’s guidance, we will efficiently manage the company to fulfill our obligations to our customers, shareholders, employees, contractors and the community at large, with an attitude of service and a commitment to truth, fairness and the building of goodwill.

Our Business

The Jamaica Broilers Group is a vertically integrated Company with operations spanning the gamut of the popular expression “farm to fork”.

Our Operations

At the core, we are a poultry business — we take care of everything from hatching eggs to ready-to-eat offerings available in stores. For six decades we have been providing home-grown products at international standards through a commitment to innovation, embracing technology & on-going research.

Today, our operations span three countries: Jamaica, USA and Haiti.

Our Management Structure

Sustaining a business over three territories is no small feat, but we do our best to make sure that our management teams stay connected with one another; all moving in tandem towards increased profitability and growth.

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