Our beliefs are the core of who we are. They drive our vision and sustain our business. With God’s guidance, we give our best effort to meet the needs of our customers, employees, contractors and the community every day. We are committed to service, fairness and the building of goodwill.

Our Heart is Our People

Our people are the thinkers, innovators and leaders who lift us to the next level.

They bring life to our business and our communities. We’re honoured to have some of the smartest, most dedicated people on our team, and we’re thankful for each one of them. Every job is important, every customer is valuable and every shareholder has a voice.

At the core, we’re more than just a company — we are family.

Innovation & Quality

Building for the future while staying true to the core.

Chicken is the core of our agri-business — we take care of everything from hatching eggs to ready-to-eat offerings available in stores. Being a part of every step of the process means that we can attest to the safety and quality of our products. For six decades we have been providing home-grown products at international standards through a commitment to innovation, embracing technology & on-going research. Today, our operations span three countries, but our most important victories have been right here at home working to support our local economy.

We believe in partnering with our communities to help them thrive. Empowering people to prosper is fundamental to our culture.

As a leading agricultural producer, we’re responsible for protecting our environment and enabling our communities to succeed. From improving energy efficiency in our plants, to refining how we handle waste, we operate in ways that value the environment. We also partner with surrounding communities to develop long-term initiatives that bring life to people. For us, the core idea of building sustainable communities is to preserve Jamaica and equip its people to thrive for generations to come.