With 2022 wrapping up a well-needed burst of festivity, we’re excited about the clean slate the new year brings. Resolutions will be made and will be challenging to keep. But, with insight and common sense, the pledges you make for yourself and your family about food can be rewarding. Here’s a starter for making the best decisions about how you’ll eat this year.

Make a shopping list and stick to it

No more going to the grocery store with your credit card and vibes. Instead, check your pantry and refrigerator for must-haves for the first grocery shopping day of the year. Then use this list as your organiser, updating it each week. This way, you’ll buy what you need and recognise patterns in your spending.

Don’t cut; add

It’s easy to default to a list of everything you won’t eat this year. No carbs! No sugar! And while that may be a realistic goal for the diligent among us, a fail-safe approach for most of us is to focus on the positive by adding better choices and more variety to what we’ll eat. Go for more affirmative pledges, like eating lean protein and drinking more water.