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Tasteful, healthy and meaty! These are just some of the adjectives that readily comes to mind when one thinks of the Reggae Jammin' burgers. The burgers are made of 100% Jamaican meat and is backed by the Jamaica Broilers Group's tradition of quality. Children love it, parents love it! It is conveniently packaged and makes exceptional sandwiches - whether it is at your picnic, barbeque or simply breakfast.  Your tastebuds will savour its delicious flavours, made from natural herbs and spices. It's consumers' home-made healthy fast food.

You have a wide variety of choices:

Chicken Burgers in two different flavours : Seasoned and Jerked; and
Beef Burgers in three different flavours : Original, Seasoned and Jerked.

Pick up a box today at your favourite supermarket.

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