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Reggae Jammin': our line of preseasoned, easy to prepare products, prepared with the flavourful Jamaican herbs and spices. Our products are seasoned to the bone, with each ingredient being handpicked to add its unique flavour to this truly Jamaican product. It's convenient, well packaged, tasteful and of the highest quality.

Our customers have a choice of experiencing this taste by choosing the Reggae Jammin' Chicken, Chicken Frankfurters or Burgers. Roast it, grill it, bake it! Any way you do it, the result is the same : mouth watering, flavourful and delicious! And to make it even more convenient for you our customers, we have used the same Reggae Jammin' spices and herbs to prepare our own Reggae Jammin' Rotissierre Chicken. No cooking necessary. From the supermarket straight to the table.

Reggae Jammin': Food with Attitude

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