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For lovers of beef, the overriding concern these days is the overall health and quality of the product they bring to their tables. So, in Jamaica , when consumers think beef, the brand that comes most often to mind is “Content”. This is because they are confident that Content Beef is yet another Jamaica Broilers Group brand that provides the marketplace with some of the best quality protein products to be found anywhere. Here are just some of the reasons that consumers get such satisfaction from Content Beef:

Delivering QUALITY

Content Quality Beef comes from cattle that have been bred and pastured on farms that have exceptional husbandry practices and on which the cattle are closely monitored, through finishing.

The beef is then processed and packaged at our own abattoir for quality and freshness. Here's how we do it:

Content Quality Beef is processed under HACCP guidelines, with additional input from an independent Government Public Health Inspector. In order to ensure that the beef is tender, the cuts are usually aged for a period of 14 days. After this the cuts are packed and ready for delivery. Some of the cuts done include Tenderloin, SS Round, Beef Loin, Striploin, Ribeye Roll and T-Bone steaks, to name a few.
Our abattoir passes inspections conducted by various international Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), as well as local entities.

We add to this product testing, on a weekly basis, to ensure the delivery of only the highest quality Content Beef to the marketplace.

Exceptional TASTE

Our emphasis on delivering top quality beef to the market also demands that the products have exceptional taste. At Content, we believe that the final taste begins with the feed. We therefore feed our cattle a diet consisting of top quality grains and roughage to ensure the best tasting product possible. The feed is continuously monitored and tested to guarantee freshness.

Going for FLAVOUR

Content Quality Beef is processed in a variety of ways and cuts, to suit the discerning palate. We select only the “choice” cuts – thereby ensuring quality, texture and flavour. And this continues even into our further processing activities – using only the highest quality locally produced farm fresh seasoning blends for our burgers.


Our Content beef enters the market in ways that meet the demand of a variety of purchasers – from wholesalers to retailers. This means that Content Beef is sold as:

  • Whole carcasses
  • Half carcasses
  • Hind quarters
  • Fresh or Frozen cuts
  • Fresh Vacuum packaged cuts
  • Signature products for Quick Service Restaurant systems


Content Beef currently produces signature items for:

•  Local franchises of some top international QSRs:
            •  Burger King
            •  Wendy's
            •  McDonald's 

•  Some of Jamaica's leading “home-grown” QSRs
            •  Island Grill
            •  Mother's

•  Local grocery chains
•  Individual grocers
•  Institutions
•  Hotels and restaurants

The company also export beef burgers and occasionally beef cuts to a few countries including the Cayman Islands and Trinidad & Tobago.



Love your beef, but don't know how to select something really good? Tired of arriving home with something that simply will not cook? You shouldn't have that problem if you choose Content. But here are some tips to help guide you … always … towards selecting really good beef:

  • Look for beef that has a bright, cherry red color. The exception is vacuum packed beef, which should have a dark purple color
  • Look for beef that is firm to the touch
  • Choose packages that are cold, have no holes and are not torn
  • Choose packages that do not have excess liquid
  • Look for beef that has “loin” or “round” in the name; these are more tender, juicy and full of flavour.


So, you've selected something good. Here's how you store the product to ensure that it retains its quality:

  • Immediately label and note the purchase date of the meat
  • Refrigerate immediately ( for a maximum of 2 days ) in the coldest part of the fridge (35 – 40 F)
  • Defrost in your fridge's cooling tray (just below the freezer) or on one of the regular shelves in the freezer



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