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Core Values:

•  Continued commitment to excellence in customer service;
•  Adherence to financial probity and prudence;
•  Honesty and Integrity in our Business relationships;
•  Responsiveness to change and a dedication to continuos improvement in technology;
•  Continued commitment to the development and motivation of our Human Resource.

Core Business:

The company's core business is the production of ‘Ready to Lay pullets' for the Jamaican Table Egg Industry.

How is this achieved?

Being a part of a large, well-organised and integrated poultry business (Jamaica Broilers Group) is a significant resource and provides the economies of scale that Jamaica Egg Services (J.E.S.) requires to cost competitively offer a wide range services to our customers. The provision of free veterinary and laboratory services, extension support and market intelligence gathering, both locally and regionally, defines our role as a service orientated company. J.E.S. is an important part of the Table Egg Industry, controlling as much as 85% of the replacement pullet sold annually. Currently three strains of pullets are sold : ISA Brown, Hy-Line Brown and the Bovan.

Another area of strength is the interdivisional synergy between Hi-Pro Feeds and J.E.S. through a shared customer base. Arsing from this synergy, Hi-Pro ACE Farm and Garden Supercentre also benefits from J.E.S. customers through sales of veterinary products and general farm supplies.


Hi-Pro ACE Supercentre
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