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The Best Dressed Chicken Field Department is responsible for the grow-out aspect of our Group's poultry operations. The Field Department receives baby chicks from our Best Dressed Chicken Hatchery and places them on contract farms, where they are grown to marketable age. During that approximately 6-week grow-out period, the Department's Technical representatives and/or Veterinary staff also visit farms at least twice per week, as part of our Group's commitment of ensuring quality processes at each stage of our operations.

With offices located at the Best Dressed Feed Mill in Free Town , St Catherine, the Best Dressed Chicken Field Department is also responsible for management of the contractual arrangement for the grow-out of broiler birds on the approximately 180 contract farms that do business with the Group. These contractual arrangements are made on a flock-by-flock basis, with each contract farmer signing a contract on the arrival of baby chicks on the farm and with the contract ending when the company collect the birds after the growing period. Contract renewal is determined by satisfactory management of the investment that the Group makes in the grow-out operation.

We provide every support possible to enhance the ability of contract farmers to manage those assets and to also boost their own return on investment. So, in addition to the feed, vaccines and technical support given, our Best Dressed Chicken Field Department conducts training seminars throughout the year for both our Contract Farmers and our Technical Staff.

The Field Department is also currently managing the transition process under which traditional growing facilities are being replaced with modern growing units – that is new, technologically-efficient tunnel-ventilated houses.

Basic Requirements to be considered for Contract Farmers 

Land should be located within a 20-mile radius of the BDC Processing Plant (situated at Spring Village, Old Harbour, St Catherine).  Sections of Clarendon and  St Catherine fall within this radius.

Persons authorized are required to prepare infrastructure to the Company’s specification.  Minimum size operation, if considered: four (4) 16,000 sq. ft. tunnel ventilated houses.  Only authorized persons will be given all details required for the project, engineering support, drawings, etc. 

Building and equipment purchase is facilitated through the Company.

Applicants must access their own financing through an approved lending institution. (The Company does not fund projects).

Under the contractual arrangement, the company provides chicks, feed, and technical support.  The contract farmer is responsible for the management of the Company’s investment at their location,  as well as basic operating expenses.

Contract farmer must reside at farm location and must have an individual, trained in agriculture, residing on site, with sole responsibility to manage day to day operations.

Payment structure:

There is an agreed base rate of pay relating to different efficiency levels attained.

Further details will only be provided if you receive authorization to become a contract farmer.

N.B. The company is not seeking new contractors at this time.  If we are, however, the first step for consideration is to send in your written & signed application letter. Please ensure that you include relevant contact information.

Application letters are to be addressed to:
    The Manager
P.O. Box 24
Old Harbour


The JAMAICA BROILER GROUP appreciates your interest in the organization.


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