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  International Poultry   Breeders (IPB)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, IPB was formed on August 30, 1994, with its main purpose to supply hatching eggs to the Best Dressed Chicken Hatchery.  Located just 200 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia at 1235 Perry Batts Rd, Norman Park, Georgia, the company continues to produce and supply high quality hatching eggs to the Hatchery, allowing it to produce top quality chicken meat for the Jamaican market. Through one of the Group’s subsidiaries, Wincorp International, approximately thirty three percent (33%) of the hatching eggs produced are sold to countries within the Caribbean region, namely Trinidad, Barbados, Suriname and Guyana.

The facility consists of fourteen (14) black out pullet houses with a capacity of 10,500 females and 2,600 males per house as well as twenty-six (26) production houses with a capacity of 10,300 females and 850 males per house.  Additionally there are four (4) spiking pens, each consisting of up to 1,000 males per pen. Finished feed is supplied by two separate feed mills allowing for control of contamination and reliability of supply.

The company operates on a four (4) week replacement cycle to allow for adequate clean up, disinfection and repairs to facilities before receiving flocks. Hatching eggs are collected, cleaned, graded and cooled to 64 degrees Fahrenheit and then boxed in 30-dozen cartons, palletized and transferred to our main cooling facility.  Thereafter, they are loaded on an already cooled refrigerated container set at 59 degrees Fahrenheit and transported 481 miles south to the Port of Miami, where they are placed on container ships bound for Kingston, Jamaica. This journey takes approximately three (3) days and upon arrival containers are off loaded and delivered to the Best Dressed Chicken Hatchery. 

Our management team consists of:

Stephen Smith – Managing Director, (email address : )
Deidre Hurley – Breeder Manager
Sam McCord – Pullet Manager
Christina Tanner – Accountant
Olivia Cunningham – Shipping Manager


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