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Aquaculture Jamaica Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies – one of the Caribbean’s largest agro-industrial companies, which owns and operates a wide range of agricultural entities including poultry, beef, fish, and feed manufacturing.

Among the first commercial Tilapia producers in the region, Aquaculture Jamaica Limited has been in operation since 1983. As an industry leader, Aquaculture Jamaica is without peer in terms of our selective breeding programme, pond design, feed regimen and processing technology.

Aquaculture's Jamaican-grown Red Tilapia is nurtured in 150 hectares (360 acres) of controlled freshwater ponds and is closely monitored and taste-tested to ensure consistent freshness and quality. In fact, our farm raised fresh red tilapia is an international delicacy … a gourmet’s delight that boasts an exceptional flavour that satisfies even the most discerning palate.

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Assurance of Quality:
Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd. is an ISO 9002 and HACCP certified facility. Our facilities have passed inspection by the relevant USA and EU governing authorities, as well as major retailers and several international Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) that have franchises in Jamaica. Since 1999 , we have been shipping quality, FDA-inspected products to the USA. We are required by law to certify that every shipment conforms to a rigorous standard and only upon meeting or exceeding these standards will an export certificate be issued by the government health authorities. We achieve this high quality by feeding our fish a high protein diet consisting of top quality grain and fishmeal. To further ensure that the highest standards are achieved, our water quality is monitored on a daily basis.

Aquaculture's Capabilities:
Having completed a US two-million dollar (US$2,000,000.00) upgrade to our processing facility, we are now able to produce a variety of value-added products – enhancing our already impressive offering of fresh and frozen fillets, whole fish, and whole boneless fish. We are also able to marinate, batter and bread, and individually quick freeze (IFQ) and are currently producing a variety of marinated and battered and breaded fish fillets, as well as a variety of formed fish products. These products are largely for use in Jamaica’s lucrative Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market segment. Additionally, we have been able to introduce a new line of flavoured fillets, while producing the complete line of Reggae Jammin' Jamaican Jerk Products.

Our facilities benefit from state-of-the-art metal detection, computer controlled grading systems, and stringent quality controls throughout our operations.

Our Customers:
Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd. currently produces value-added products for many customers including Burger King, Wendy's, and Yum (formerly Tricon, international owners of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and others), as well as regional players Royal Castle and Island Grill. We are also developing proprietary products for Church's Chicken and Popeye's, among others – all World-class Quick Service Restaurant operations whose demand for world-class suppliers has been met by the quality, service and innovation that Aquaculture Jamaica delivers.

Aquaculture Delivers Profits:
Aquaculture Jamaica is large enough to deliver quality and small enough to deliver innovation and exceptional customer service. We also help our customers develop unique signature products that will set their fish department apart from that of their competitors – thereby helping to create customer traffic and to bring home superior margins.

Our Future
Aquaculture Jamaica currently produces roughly 4,000 metric tons per year and we are pursuing leading edge technology inflow through super intensive pond design.  We continue our selective breeding programmes and feed trials, in search of greater efficiencies.

We believe that, by working with our customers to provide specific proprietary products and unique value added recipes, we will be able to move forward in a market that is becoming more and more competitive.

Ernesto R. Borushek
PHONE:  847-251-9757
FAX:  847-251-9767

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